WasteTech system for four slitting machines


Lundberg Tech WasteTech  All-in-one vacuum waste handling units boast;

    • Fully functional waste handling unit capable of capturing, cutting and collecting the waste
    • Moveable unit
    • Compatible with all Lundberg cutters and granulators
    • Available with frequency converter connected to the transport ventilator to increase the air volume.
    • Guillotine valve for continuous operation
    • Height extension option to collect the waste in larger bags
    • Extracts dust during waste handling
    • Can cover more than one process machine
    • Can easily be connected to the Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor
    • Easy installation

Lundberg Tech’s basic All-in-one WasteTech waste handling units consist of:


  • Cabinet
  • Granulator with silencer inside cabinet
  • Ventilator with silencer inside cabinet
  • Separator
  • Filter
  • Sack holder

Lundberg Tech’s WasteTech  units for removal of trim, matrix, skeleton and die cuts are

  • WasteTech 80
  • WasteTech 140
  • WasteTech 200
  • WasteTech 400
  • WasteTech ACE 140


WasteTech80 WasteTech140 WasteTech200-140 WasteTech200-200 WasteTech400
Maximum width of edge trim Up to 2x40mm Up to 2x60mm Up to 2x50mm Up to 2x50mm
Maximum air capacity 800m³/hour 1600m³/hour 2000m³/hour 2500m³/hour 6000m³/hour
Maximum speed 250m/min 300m/min 800m/min 1200 m/min.
Maximum pipe size Dia. 125 transfer Dia. 160 transfer Dia. 160 transfer Dia. 200 transfer Dia. 315mm transfer
Maximum suction distance Up to 5m Up to 20m Up to 10m Up to 10m Up to 50m
Number of connected machines 1 3 4 4
Size (LxWxH) 1200x700x850mm 1700x800x2000mm 2535x1300x290mm 2535x1300x3290mm 2535x1300x3290mm
Weight 150kg 230kg 485kg 495kg 625 kg
Motor kW Granulator 0.75kW

Ventilator 1.1kW

Granulator 0.75kW

Ventilator 2.2kW

Granulator 0.75kW

Ventilator 7.5kW

Granulator 1.5kW Ventilator 7.5kW 15kw
Power 3x400V, 50Hz 3x400V, 50Hz 3x400V, 50Hz 3x400V, 50Hz 3x400V, 50Hz
Sound 68-72dB 68-72dB 68-72dB 68-72dB 68-72dB
Colour RAL5010 RAL5010 RAL5010 RAL5010 RAL5010