Laser Engraved Anilox Rolls



EFlo Hd Pamarco Anilox Roll

Our high performance HD certified anilox laser engraved with multi-hit laser technology gives you cleaner and sharper highlights, consistent ink transfer, reduced ink spitting, and extended high definition color gamut performance. And the elongated cell geometry is designed to work with HD digital plate technology.


ThermaFlo Pamarco Anilox Roll

The consistent cell geometry promotes more efficient ink-release, easier cleaning due to smoother cells, and an extended range of volume. The flatter cell bottoms and walls give better ink metering and improved resistance to doctor blade scoring.


EXFlo Pamarco Anilox Roll
Our 30° channeled laser engraved anilox roll features consistent, repeatable volumes with excellent release and wettability. This engraving works great with inks, like titanium white and other hard to apply pigments, for smooth ink coverage.

EvenFlo Mechanically Engraved Rolls


EvenFlo Engraving Anilox Rolls

Our EvenFlo engraving allows for excellent release and wettability, consistent, repeatable volumes and the channeled engraving options that are ideal for high solids coating.



Pamarco Anilox Roll PQCH

High solid applications where coating wettability is important.



Pyramid Anilox Roll

High solid applications where coating wettability is important.


Pyramid Roto-Flo

Pryamid Roto Flo Anilox Roll

High solid applications where coating wettability is important.



Quad Anilox Roll

Lower solid applications, tight coat-weight tolerances.


Quad Roto-Flo

Quad Roto Flo Anilox Roll

Lower solid applications, where wettability and apperance are important.



Trihelical Anilox Roll

High solid large particles applications. TH’s offer highest transfer characteristics.

Electro-Mechanically Engraved Rolls


electro mechanically engraved

This cosmetically flawless roll surface is ideal for optical coating applications, and the extremely repeatable engravings for coat-weight consistency are the perfect option for patterned coating applications. Electromechanically engraved in Palmyra, New Jersey.


Base Construction

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Anilox Bases
Our facility in Walton, Kentucky, specializes in the production of base rolls with a variety of OEM specification cylinders. Roll capabilities include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, integral journals and demountable construction, tubular and solid core, and plate cylinders supplied with scribe lines for precision plate mounting.

Anilox Bases

FibreLyte is an exclusive Pamarco product using wound carbon, a fiber/steel journal construction, that is ceramic coated and laser engraved using our EFlo-HD™ or ThermaFlo™ engraving method. The vastly reduced weight makes it very easy to handle and ideal for multiple roll changes or wherever hoisting is not an option.