High-performance video technology for flawless print results: Only providers who carry out printing processes quickly, without any major waste and downtimes and with the maximum degree of consistent quality can remain competitive on today’s market.
The POWERScope 5000 digital web video system by BST eltromat is a tool which particularly meets the requirements of label printing and other narrow web printing applications.
In addition, it offers great flexibility when used for monitoring wider webs as well.
The system stands out for its outstanding value for money.
POWERScope 5000 combines state-of-the-art technology with user friendliness while being perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern printing machines. The BST eltromat system uses a compact digital camera for excellent image quality and includes a number of innovative features that are unique for entry-level web monitoring.
POWERScope 5000 is available with numerous options such as motorized traverses and 21.5“ multi-touch monitors. Just like its very successful predecessors, the new POWERScope 5000 meets the established criteria: excellent value for money, simple operation, robustness and reliability.


• Innovative operating concept for flexible adjustment external commander for optimum positioning on the camera unit, traverse or machine optional 21,5″ multitouch monitor offers an additional comfortable operation
• High image resolution digital camera for high resolution images with minimum space requirements high resolution image sensors guarantee a dynamic and accurate color reproduction wear-resistant electronic zoom provides an excellent and distortion-free display of the printed web without losses in the image quality.
• Suitable for wide web applications specially designed traverse enables use for narrow web applications as well as to monitor wider webs
• Compact design the space requirements of the size optimized camera unit and the extremely compact controller are unique in this market segment

• High performance LED strobe inserted LED strobe guarantees a long lifetime without looses in the illumination intensity ideally designed for the homogenous illumination of the web
• Modular system concept several expansion stages are available for an optimum adaptation to your requirements.

Intuitive, flexible and simple

The predecessor systems POWERScope 3000 and POWERScope 4000 already featured an impressive flexible user concept. This concept has been further developed and refined for the POWERScope 5000. A convenient operation is still possible even when the available space is limited: The operating panel of the POWERScope 5000 can be easily adjusted to the relevant production demands as it can be rotated for optimal positioning on the camera unit or the controller and can even be removed.
The optional 21.5″ multi-touch monitor combines viewing and operation on one monitor in a user-friendly way and tops the user concept off.

Powerful Functionality, Super Easy to use Means Excellent Value

Touch panel
The external keyboard can be set up flexibly and offers a convenient and simple operation of the system thanks to the shortcut buttons. For operating the camera functions, the gestures used on a multi-touch monitor can be  performed on the touch pad of the operating panel.
User interface
The up-to-date user interface impresses with its clear arrangement and reduction to the functions essential for the printer.

Auto Scan
Automatic scanning of the repeat in machine direction (manual equipment) and/or across the web (motorized) simplifies inspection of the whole print repeat area.
Position memory
The position memory function saves up to five different positions on the web (including the settings for field of view, zoom, iris and position in web running direction) allowing it to be easily retrieved at the touch of a button.
Image rotation
The system offers an electronic image rotation by 90° and 180°. This allows flexible adaptations to individual production requirements or user needs.

Split Screen
On the split screen, the reference image and actual image can be displayed at the same time according to the saved settings for field of view, zoom, iris and position in web running direction and compared directly with one another. The split screen function makes it possible to continually compare the appearance of the current print and a golden sample.
POWERScope 5000 is fully mechanically compatible with the POWERScope 3000 and POWERScope 4000 predecessor systems without the need for any press frame modifications.



Motorized Traverse
The optional traverse motor moves the camera across the web.
This enables an automatic scanning of the entire repeat.
Touch Screen Display
If maximum user friendliness is what you want, this option replaces the operator touch pad with an HD Touch Screen and an intuitive touch screen operator interface: The POWERScope 5000 21.5″ multi-touch monitor provides easy to use touch screen operation.
Cable track
The cable track for motorized traverses guides cables safely and securely.
Second keyboard
For maximum flexibility: With an additional keyboard and optional touch screen, POWERScope 5000 offers two further operating options in addition to the standard.