Digital web monitoring for your quality assurance

Tough competition and ever-increasing demands – suppliers in the printing industry must continuously bring their highest performance in order to satisfy their customers. One central requirement: the precise inspection of the printed image.

Digital Web Monitoring

With iPQ-View, BST offers you a powerful tool for digital web monitoring in the printing process. The user is able to make sound decisions on optical quality assurance on the basis of print image displays in excellent image quality.

The intuitive operating concept minimizes reaction times and frees the user for other tasks. A wide variety of standard functions and equipment options make iPQ-View an attractive, multifunctional tool for quality assurance.

iPQ-View: Your Benefits

  • Excellent image quality increases security in making decisions
  • Shortened reaction times reduce waste
  • Intuitive operation using gesture control
  • Modularity keeps investment costs low
  • Sustainable expandability makes your investment safe for the future
  • Increased customer satisfaction

iPQ-Center: The Strong All-Rounder

With the Increasing Productivity and Quality Center (iPQ-Center), BST offers a modular product line for the central control of numerous quality assurance functions. BST integrates web monitoring, 100% inspection, spectral measurement, and further functions into a single system. Configure your quality monitoring based on a modular concept.