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Lundberg Tech WasteTech

Lundberg Tech is a Danish-owned company with more than 30 years experience in waste handling particularly for the label industry. Maxteq is proud to represent Lundberg in Australia.

A waste handling solution from Lundberg Tech means: 
    Increased productivity
    Increased up- time
    Reduced manpower
    Reduced volume of waste
    Reduced power consumption
    Reduced maintenance cost 
Lundberg Tech can provide waste handling solutions for a number of different areas such as: 
    Manufacturing, printing, laminating and die cutting of paper,     plastic, cardboard and  textiles    Manufacturing, printing, die cutting and using of labels
    Packaging processes
    Handling of high-value items
    Handling of light metals
    Integrated in manufacturing and packaging machines
    Integrated in vacuum systems
A waste handling solution from Lundberg Tech means  increased productivity and up-time, reduced manpower and a smaller volume of waste. 
Lundberg Tech provides waste handling solutions for a wide number of applications including, the manufacturing, printing and die cutting of paper, labels, plastic, cardboard and textiles. As well as the waste handling of light metals. 
WasteTech is a fully intergrated waste extraction vacuum system, which is a well proven and fully tested granulator and cutter.
The WasteTech captures, cuts and transports your production waste into the waste disposal.
The WasteTech units are fully movable, have the ability to cut very thin materials, even down to 5-10my, the units are easily adjustable and have low maintenance costs
Lundberg Tech’s WasteTech product line is based on two units:   
WasteTech 80 – handle up to 500 kg per hour 
WasteTech 140 – handle up to 2000 kg per hour
Each type of WasteTech can be supplied in various versions
U – standard basic unit
MS – inclusive oil tank and in-house lubrication system 
MS Matrix – inclusive oil tank, in-house lubrication system and special inside coating

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