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Electronic register controls play a significant role in the modern printing process. They take over the register’s ongoing, program-controlled monitoring in web-fed printing and provide reliable printing processes with first-class results.

In the development of BST eltromat register controls, the specific requirements for the areas of implementation in web printing play a central role – from gravure printing to flexo printing and offset printing all the way to screen printing, for both inline and offline processes.

The BST eltromat regi_star 20 register control significantly contributes to the automation of the processes in the printing process. Its use sustainably reduces set-up times and waste, while it increases the printing machine’s productivity. At the same time, a new hardware construction with maximum flexibility was developed for the regi_star 20, so that additional functions can be integrated at any time. regi_star 20 is suitable for all common print methods on inline printing machines and is customized to current requirements dependent on the application.

regi_star 20: Your Benefits

  • Faster printing preparation
  • Minimized waste
  • Optimum print quality
  • Customers who are more satisfied
  • Increased degree of automation
  • Optimized process sequences
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs

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