The MJP13LXV is a digital label printer that offers high productivity of 50m/min, flexible media support and high image quality of 1200dpi for the label market, which requires small lot, high-mix production.

High productivity and cost performance

Compared to conventional printers, which are leading the way in the label printing market, the inkjet method is overwhelmingly fast and achieves low-cost digital printing.

High quality printing

The 1200 dpi high-resolution printhead allows for richer print qualities. This satisfies the requirements of clients who do not want to compromise on print quality.

Shorter lead time

As there is no plate-making process, the lead time from data input to printing is greatly reduced. It brings the maximum economy and superiority to the production of labels with short delivery time and high-mix low-volume production.

Space saving

The printer itself is a compact design with small footprint of 5m x 1.7m. Maximum production efficiency is achieved with the smallest footprint.

Main features

White ink

The optional white ink can be printed twice. The system can be used to expand digital printing operations regardless of the media or product.

No need for pre-treatment of the substrate surface

No pre-coating such as anchoring agent is required at all and highly adhesive printing on various substrates such as label paper and film is possible.

Low odor

Nitrogen-purging technology is used to suppress UV ink odor. The nitrogen-purging technology reduces residual monomers and significantly suppresses odors, making it easy to apply the technology to food and pharmaceutical labels.

Back-feed function

The back-feed function, which flows the substrate in reverse, makes it possible to print on areas that were not printed at the start of printing and at the end of printing. It reduces the amount of waste from expensive label media.