Maintaining Anilox Roll Volume

Accuracy and consistency are paramount when it comes to customers and their identity on the shelf. Every brand has a logo, a colour, a label, a quick moment to introduce themselves to their customer with their product sitting on a shelf amongst a slew of nearly identical products. Their packing is often their selling point. Your job is to make that packaging accurately and consistently. Perfect, every single time. In order to do that there are hundreds of processes that come together, one of the most important is your anilox. More specifically, your anilox roll volume.

Maintaining your anilox roll volume ensures less wastage, less down time, accurate ink film thickness and consistency.

The problem many press operators face is knowing exactly what the anilox roll volume is. Most of the time it’s a guess until plugging or wear become an issue and the first signs of this are of course; the colour on the run changes and consistency is lost. By this time, there’s already been plenty of wastage.

With plugging and wear having such a large impact on consistency, it makes it more important to know the volume of your anilox roll, in order to do this, we recommended a scope such as the Troika AniCam to measure volume. Simply put, the Troika AniCam is an anilox management system, which helps the user determine and maintain the roll volume by measuring the depth of the anilox cells. But measuring this depth, and the shape of the cells, the user can easily determine if an anilox is plugged, or worn before consistency or colour is lost.