(Narrow Web) High Opacity Colour HOC

  • Narrow Web Rotary screen opaque colour flexo replacement.
  • No backing white required.
  • Maintain flexo press speed.
  • No expensive screen heads
  • More efficient job changes than screen.
  • Cleaner option than screen.

Following the success of the HOW engraving the target was set to print a rotary screen equivalent for pantone colours.

The HOC engraving is a modified version of the HOW format which we found better suited to the recommended inks. Collaborating with partners in the industry Sandon developed the HOC engraving specifically designed to print heavy deposits of colour ink without a backing white.

The standard engraving style for depositing heavy amounts of ink is a conventional 30° engraving. The HOC far out performs that out dated format and is specifically designed in order to deal with the highly viscous ink recommended for the best results.

Sandon achieved in the HOC, a flowing effect and a high level of control which smoothly lays ink down without pin-holing and reticulation, making printing heavy colour designs far easier than ever before.

Additionally, the press can run at normal speeds, and in some cases even enhance press speed as the ink releases more easily as the press runs faster, without flooding the printing plate.