• Automated make-ready control system and repeat data management system offer dramatic reduction of material wastage and job changeover times.
  • Largest-in-class repeat length of 355.6mm allows 3 times as high productivity as conventional semi-rotary machines.
  • Refined ink train with 4 form roller delivers constant ink film on plate surface, thus achieving high-quality printing with minimized color variation.


・Food and beverage labels
・Cosmetic labels
・Wine labels
・Other labels in general



Main Features

  • Servo-driven infeed/outfeed system offers greater accuracy and stability of color-to-color register even after repeats of speed up/down.
  • One-size blanket can be used for all repeat lengths, therefore job-by-job exchange of blanket is no more necessary.
  • Electronic ink-key remote control system assures quicker color adjustment.
  • Compatible with a range of substrates including clear-on-clear films.


Max. speed 200impressions/min 200impressions/min 200impressions/min 220impressions/min
Max. web width 260mm 350mm 420mm 350mm
Max. print width 254mm 330mm 406mm 330mm
Repeat length 127.0mm ~ 355.6mm
Max. roll diameter 600mm
Paper grammage 50 ~ 265 g/m2

Machine composition figure

Optional units

・De-glueing unit
・Cold foil unit
・Hot foil unit
・Varnishing unit
・Embossing unit
・Laminating unit