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For over twenty years UV Ray has been developing and using a state of the art dichroic borosilicate multi-coated reflector with multilayer deposition under vacuum, it’s become the heart of their systems. It uses ultraviolet rays that are reflected on the substrate while preventing the transmission of infra-red rays onto the same substrate. his allows material to be printed high speed, at a low temperature and at a high level of efficiency, prolonging the life of the cooling of the lamp. The holistic system means the every aspect of production benefits and creates increases in quality, productivity and reductions in electrical consumption and running costs for the entire run.

UV Ray believe experience and knowledge are key to creating products that are easy to use, innovative and meet all of the customers needs and expectations. Technology and innovation create products and systems that are capable of anticipating and exceeding their expectations. 

Unmatched performance

Curing quality, productivity, versatility, reliability, affordability; UV Ray dichroic UV reflectors have no competitors. Along with the only digital power supply in the world completely controlled by a microprocessor, UV Ray systems have raised standards to unprecedented levels. And they are Made in Italy

Cassette design for easy lamp change

All UV Ray reflectors feature full extraction of the lamp body from the base, making maintenance or lamp replacement much easier and faster. The operation can be done quickly and safely in a few minutes and guarantees very little downtime, turning into a time-saver for the operator and a cost saver for your company.

UVRay pioneered the use of die-casting in UV Curing systems

The benefits of our solution are:

Drastic reduction in temperature

Stand-by power of 27 W/cm

Better control of the air in the lamp, resulting in longer lamp life

Reduction in length by 50 mm, thus improving ease of installation

50% reduction in the temperature of the substrate

Better adhesion of the material on the table thanks to doubled air capacity

Option of printing on film without backing, such as 6 µm biodegradable film, also without chill-roll



Our UV Ray Products:

Maxwell CI

Maxwell CI

Maxwell CI, the only reflector in the world entirely made of extruded aluminium, designed specifically for central drum machines

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ATOM is condensed technology with all the features and performance of UV Ray reflectors in incredibly small sizes: the smallest in the world.

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Maxwell is a top performer, the maximum expression of UV Ray technology and innovation

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The high performance long arc UV reflector for large sheet-fed machines and wide-web flexo presses

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