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Customised sleeve solutions for flexographic printing.

Tech Sleeves® offers Bridge and Plate Sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry.

The General Manager of Tech Sleeves is Ronald van de Meer, previously General Manager at AKL. Tech Sleeves combines this experience with a skilled and innovative engineering team. The fresh and dedicated team is ready to challenge the market and meet all customers’ needs.

Tech Sleeves is now represented in Australia by Maxteq. With a massive amount of experience in the industry and technical background the team at Maxteq can discuss and recommend innovative solutions to meet the needs of Flexographic printers.

The company

A Netherland based company, Tech Sleeves can offer experience and global market knowledge. Tech sleeves are pioneers in the Sleeve industry, with two kinds of sleeves developed by Ronald van der Meer, the company are always looking to improve the product to meet customer’s needs. Tech Sleeves extensive experience combined with the dedicated and enthusiastic Maxteq Sales and Marketing team can offer you high quality sleeves combined with excellent customer service.

Mission and Vision – Tech Sleeves

Tech Sleeves believe they can increase our customer’s printing quality and overall efficiency by combining experience with innovation in this traditional industry. The vision is to continuously develop their products to increase performance and quality of sleeves while also fulfilling other key value-adding features and services to strategically position the company worldwide and ensure sustainable growth.

We aim to provide high quality products at reliable lead times while at the same time developing our products and making use of new technologies to be able to become a worldwide leader in this field.

Our Tech Sleeve Products: