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Pressroom Support

Our range offers quality, reliability and value

When we were choosing who we would work with our guiding principle was that we had to be happy to both recommend and support these machines and products, not just sell them.
The specific criteria that counted for us are the ones we believe will also count for you:

  • quality and value
  • cost effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • lowest cost of ownership
  • performance
  • best of breed
  • breadth of offering

We aim to help you get on with the job at hand profitably and with the security of knowing you have backup.

Our products cover a surprisingly wide range; from large scale printing presses for offset and flexo, to the very latest desktop digital label printers and every point in between like quality control products and daily consumables such as mounting tape and doctor blade.

With flexible dies and embossing dies, finishing machinery and a wide range of print converting machinery, as well as a hand picked selection of quality presses, we feel that we can address almost any press room need with high quality, excellent value solutions.

Our Principals also make custom design and build services available. So if you have a specific need that is outside the scope of standard machinery please get in touch, we’re happy to help.

We also provide an extensive range of services:

  • Project Management
  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance and Ongoing Support
  • We can even help plan your press room to help you optimise workflows and space utilisation

Please feel welcome to contact us at any time for a discussion about how we might be able to assist you