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SL Solventless Laminator

KYMC SL Solventless Laminator

The solventless laminator provides is environmentally more sound and eliminates the possibility of solvent migration, making it preferred by food processing companies. The bond is achieved through a chemical reaction between the metering rolls. Very light coating weights are achievable and no drying is required, resulting in cost savings per laminated square meter. The SL Series Solventless Laminator is a member of our Coating & Laminating line. The production line comes from our high end engineering and state of the art design for superior machine performance. Excellent quality and high production speed operation at extremely low noise level and low operating cost. The new solventless duplex laminator is a compact and easy to use machine, and it contains some of the most advanced features for quick change and fast set up, such as shaftless chucking on unwind and rewind, sleeve system for coating roller, job memory (recipes) with auto machine pre-setting etc. This machine is designed for one man operation. OPTIONAL1.Turret type non-stop unwund and rewind2.

Automatic edge guide (E.P.C.) for second material3.

Automatic edge guide (E.P.C.) for rewind4.

Corona surface treatment device

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