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Well thought out for maximum precision: The BST eltromat SHARK LEX systems were specially developed for applications in narrow web processes and the label industry. They recognize 100% of print defects in real time and are lauded for their simple operation and reliably high performance.

With the SHARK 4000 LEX, BST eltromat International has created a system for use on rewinders and narrow web printing machines. SHARK LEX 4000 combines sophisticated technology with an extensive function package and comprehensive defect management software. Benefit from first-class print results every time – for ultimate customer and printer satisfaction.

SHARK 4000 LEX at a Glance

  • 100% defect detection for use in narrow web printing machines and rewinders
  • Process monitoring when implemented on a printing machine
  • Web widths up to 600 mm (23″)
  • 6000-pixel gray scale camera or 4000-pixel color camera
  • Extensive software options
  • Flexibly adaptable to multiple print monitoring tasks
  • Secure and precise monitoring of even the smallest defects

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