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The ROTOCONTROL RSD product line is based on a Servo driven die cutting station with 800mm unwind, cartridge shear/razor slitting and rewind system.

Extremely robust construction and fully modular construction allows expansion of the basic configuration into a bespoke machine to meet customer specific requirements.

Turret rewinders, multiple die stations and a complete line of finishing options are available including flexo and lamination stations.

Touch panel Graphical User interface conveniently mounted on a swing-arm provides operators with complete control at all stations.

Drive systems / control

  • Available web widths: 340, 440, 540 and 640
  • One or more punching stations
  • Grid / waste winding
  • Servo motor control at punching and pulling station
  • Servo motor control on the rewind
  • Magnetic powder clutch at the settlement
  • Max. Speed ​​250 m / min (may vary depending on the material)
  • fully automatic voltage control incl. variable speed
  • user-friendly touch screen
  • electronic web edge control
  • Adhesive tape and splice detector
  • Unwinding capacity 620 mm

Cutting / counting

  • Crimping knife unit with 3 knives
  • transversely adjustable cutting position
  • Take-up capacity 550 mm
  • Web clamp on the rewind
  • splicing
  • hardened web cutting discs
  • Single label length and butt-cut counters

Available optional components

  • adjustable lower roller
  • transversely adjustable punch adapters and blocks
  • register control
  • Different stem sizes
  • Dual rewind – 550 mm rewind capacity
  • Razor cartridge system
  • Razor cartridge system
  • Anti-static unit
  • Servo drive on the handling
  • Razor cartridge system
  • Automatic register control
  • Razor cartridge system

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