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Pantec RHINO II 410

RHINO™ II 410 is the most powerful in-line flat bed embosser in the market. RHINO™ II is operating on a speed of up to 25’000 cycles per hour for multi-stepping designs. These 7 strokes per second allow production at high speed with cost effective tools. A 2-step design, for example, runs up to 84 m/min and 3-step design up to 57 m/min. RHINO™ II also accommodates one or two foil stepping servo levels for independent patterns. 6 individually controllable heating zones for maximum flexibility in heat management on demanding multi-step designs complete the unique functionality.

RHINO™ II 410 at a glance

  • Revolvable head for length- and crosswise foiling allow complex single pass multi-step designs
  • 25´000 strokes / hour
  • Toolsize of 410 x 410 mm
  • 6 independent heating zones for optimal foiling temperatur for every foil
  • Two foil savings steps
  • Optional upgrade for registered application of prestigious holograms

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