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Plasma Treatment for Film

EASI-Plasma Applications

Corona treatment is currently the most used technique in the industry for treating surfaces of polymer films and other substrates. Corona is a Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) in air, the electric discharge is controlled by a dielectric barrier and is in the form of streamers distributed over the surface. The objective of the polymer treatment is to increase the surface energy and subsequently the wettability and adhesion for laminating, printing and other converting processes.

However there is a more advanced technology available; Enhanced Atmospheric Surface Improvement (EASI-Plasma) in a DBD Plasma. Created by a controlled atmosphere, adding small quantities of dopant gas for grafting and dopant monomers for nano coating, it allows different functionalisation and a whole range of surface abilities.

EASI-Plasma is more homogeneous and “softer” than Corona, with low heat impact to the surface enabling the realisation of versatile controlled and tuneable surface chemistry. Consequently, it can be considered as a gas primer that efficiently replaces both the use of corona treatment and liquid primer.

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