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Your Flexo Line for Wider Web Flexible Packaging

The FA-26 is built for value-added short run flexible packaging and labels. All inline. The robust unit construction, compact footprint, and landscape design ensure optimum register and consistent high print quality at all speeds.

Designed to print with water-based and solvent inks, with UV, LED, and E-beam processes – in any combination, the FA-26 is a game-changer in short run flexible packaging. From pouches and sachets, to wrap-arounds, shrink sleeves, labels, and more.

The FA-26 is fully sleeve-based, both for anilox and plate roll, with a closed ink chamber system. This construction, combined with the new landscape design, ensures high-quality printing and unique production performance. The FA-26 handles a wide range of flexible substrates, and of course, all standard self-adhesive label materials.

Create Your Own Versatility

The FA-26 is prepared for all Nilpeter value-adding units, OEM-auxiliaries, and with multiple drying and curing options. The innovative landscape design enables unmatched customization opportunities, allowing you to configure the FA-26 to meet varying printing requirements.

With the FA-26 special features, flexible drying and curing solutions, the printer can pursue new market opportunities in wider web product packaging, while saving tooling costs, production time, and floor space.

Additional UV light

Designed to ensure maximum UV-curing before entering the solvent laminating unit. Includes a chill roller under the lamp. Can be installed in any position on the press.

Quick Change die-cutting

For fast job change-overs. Designed to save time on each job-setup, with easy handling of tools, and less material waste.

Hot air dryer

For drying of water-based and solvent inks at high speeds. Dryer position allows for hybrid drying and web temperature management. Can be installed in any position on the press.

Screen printing

Screen printing unit for high-quality special effects, braille, and opaque white. Includes all parts for the screen printing process. Can be installed in any position on the press.

Cold Foil

Includes all parts for adding foil to the printed web, to ensure optimum control of the foiling process. Can be installed in any position on the press.

UV Lamination

Combined with an optional unwind spindle under the print deck, the UV-lamination unit provides full control of the laminating process, and enables curl free lamination.

Solvent Dry Lamination

Combined with an inline unwind, this unit provides full control , and the best possible results, with lamination of pouches, lidding films, sachets, etc


SPECIFICATIONS mm (feet/inches)
Web width 670 mm (26 3/8″)
Print width 670 mm (26 3/8”)
Print repeat FA-26 304,8 – 635 mm (12″ – 25″)
Optional print repeat FA-26 304,8 – 812,8 mm (12″ – 32”)
Flexo repeat increments Fully variable
Repeat increments for geared processes 3,175 mm (1/8 “)
Mechanical speed 250 m/min (Max. 837 ft/min.)
Anilox repeat 304,8 mm (12″) – Max. 810 rpm
Impression roller repeat 368,3 mm (14,5″) – Max. 686 rpm
Impression roller repeat 368,3 mm (14,5″) – Max. 686 rpm
Standard operating tension range 20 – 250 N (5 – 56 lb)
Optional, Heavy duty operation tension range 20 – 400 N (5 – 85 lb)
Unwind station capacity Ø 750 mm / 450 kg (Ø 30″ / 992 lb)
Rewind station capacity Ø 750 mm / 450 kg (Ø 30″ / 992 lb)
Inline unwind station capacity Ø 750 mm / 450 kg (Ø 30″ / 992 lb)
Unwind spindle under print deck Ø 350 mm / 110 kg (Ø 14″ / 242 lb)
Additional Units and Features
Auxiliary units Gravure printing unit Automatic butt splicer Automatic transfer rewind E-beam lamination
A wide variety of substrates from 12-250 μm Note: Because of the variety of different material typologies used in flexible packaging, a preliminary test of the materials to be processed prior to confirming production data and performance.

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