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HCI FSL-V Slitting Machine Deluxe

FSL-V Slitting Machine is specially designed for the plastic films which are of variable thicknesses, low tension demand or tension strictness. It is also suit for slitting a wide variety of materials such as, cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PVC, paper roll, and printed films.

  • Equipped with shaftless & pneumatic-chuck unwind stand.
  • Auto unwind tension control.
  • Two servomotor drive system providing the most accurate winding control.
  • Adopted duo slitting system on the V series slitting machine.
  • Rewinding Individual lay-on roller 4 sets.
  • Laser core positioning system. (optional)
  • Products discharge device.
  • Inner pressure type differential rewinding shafts.
  • Micro computer controller
    • LCD colorful touch screen and simple figure display for setting.
    • Dialogue parameter setting environment for fast start.
    • Rewind tension auto increase function.
    • Unwind auto stop and material brake stop function.
    • Parameters memory function: included material thickness, initial diameter, tension and so on.
Specifications FSL-V1300 Slitting Machine
Mechanical Speed (m/min) 300
Unwind Stand Shaftless with Pneumatic Chuck & Floating Type
Core Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3″ or (152 / 6″ Optional)
Web Width (mm) 320 – 1,300
Maximum Unwind Diameter (mm) 1,000
Unwind Tension Control Magnetic Powder Brake With Load Cell Sensor
Web Guiding System Printing Line / Edge
Guider Movement (mm) +/- 50
Slitting Techniques Razor In Groove Roller / Shear Knives
Trim Removal Vacuum Type Trim Disposal
Minimum Rewind Web Width (mm) 50
Maximum Rewind Diameter (mm) 600
Rewind Tension Control HCI Differential Winding Technology (Inner pressure type)

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