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Vetaphone Corona for Coating VE1G

A coating line is typically operating at very high speeds, therefore the Vetaphone Corona systems for Coating lines are made specifically for every kind of demanding condition of a coating line.

Our products are designed to meet the demands of non-stop production and the challenging specifications for pull stations. All electrode assemblies are pneumatically activated and pivot away for easy thread up. Optional quick retraction system protects the electrode cartridge, thereby maximizing the ceramic electrode lifetime.

With the DHP® system you will not experience any damage to the substrate when treating metalized substrates over 450m/min. Using the DHP® system, the current will only run between the electrodes which gives a lower internal current and therefore not damaging the substrates.

Widths 1.000-10.000 mm / 40-400 inches
Speeds 1-1.600 m/min / 1-5.200 f/min
Sides for treatment 1 or 2
Electrodes Ceramic, Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Roller covering Silicone, Vulcanized Rubber or Ceramic
Roller diameter ø200-800 mm / ø8-32 inches

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