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Lundberg Tech Central Waste Handling Systems

Lundberg Tech has, with great success since 1981, designed and installed central exhaust systems for waste handling of edge trim, matrix, skeleton and die cuts.

There are more then 3,000 Lundberg Central Waste Disposal units running worldwide. They are the number one macine for capturing waste at the source and removing and capturing it.

Lundberg Tech central system for vacuum waste handling is based around the four “C’s’:

  • Capturing the waste
  • Cutting the waste
  • Collection the waste
  • Compacting the waste

and could be combined with returning cleaned air into the factory and separation of different materials.

Lundberg Tech Central System for vacuum waste handling means a high number of advantages for you.

  • Increased machine speed as waste is no limitation
  • Reduced downtime as waste handling is always ready
  • No heavy lift by personal for handling of waste material
  • No dust around the machines as the created dust is conveyed by the vacuum system
  • Environmental awareness increased as all waste is brought outside the factory area
  • Less requirement for space around the machine for containers carrying waste as waste is brought outside the factory area
  • Reduction of manpower for waste handling as there is no manual handling of waste from machines to container
  • Reduced volume of waste by cutting and compacting the waste
  • Cost savings in disposal of the waste
  • Low cost for the operation and maintenance of the waste handling system

Lundberg Tech Central Systen for waste removal

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