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Product Title

BL series

Booklet machine

With an operating speed of up to 60m / min, ROTOCONTROL ‘s high-speed BL series booklet machine offers a modular solution for booklet and coupon labels. The BL 440 also offers processing multi-layer labels in a variety of sizes and formats. It is equipped with larger pulleys and an extremely short web run between the units, which drastically reduces production waste.

Intuitive and easy to use, the BL 440 also provides precise register control for pre-printed materials, and uses the latest and most advanced servo technology for optimal control.

A wide range of optional modules are available, including a hot glue system, register lamination, label applicator, flexographic printing, cold foil unit, bound booklet option, ink jet unit, and inspection systems.

machine description

  • The fully electronic PC control, servomotors and state-of-the-art electronic components ensure user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free production
  • The clear touch screen monitor simplifies operation. All functions and input data are displayed on the screen before and during runtime
  • The integrated job memory saves you time when setting up your job
  • Automatic deceleration when the programmed number of meters / pieces is reached will produce accurate results. When stopped, the webs are held by an automatic web holder and allow a quick and easy roll change.
  • Web tension and winding tension are independently adjustable.
  • Our high-quality magnetic powder brake minimizes maintenance costs and optimizes web tension control.
  • Automatic stop when the number of pieces is reached, the end of the roll, the waste paper banner or when the web breaks.
  • With the accuracy of a printing press, the register control system ensures a precisely tailored punching and printing of preprinted or printable labels.
  • The fault analysis program simplifies troubleshooting, and the connection of the LeoMaten to the Internet enables accurate remote diagnostics.
  • Additional units can be integrated: camera inspection, inkjet printer, production data acquisition, production planning software, label dispensers, sheet cutters, etc.
  • All machines of the LeoMat series are built according to the guidelines of the professional association and bear the CE mark.
  • The integrated inking unit enables additional printing, painting or lamination, eg for digitally printed materials.

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