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Afinia DLF-1100 Digital Label Finisher

In-line Label Finisher

The Afinia Label DLF-1100 Digital Label Finisher performs all the functions of a larger, more expensive system, and can laminate, plotter-cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind labels all in one process.

Cut Any Shape

This full-feature label finisher solution is built around a proven industry-standard, plotter-style cutting mechanism for maximum accuracy and dependability. There is no need for dies with this digitally-automated cutter. With the DLF-1100, quick printers and brands will be free to create and print unusually-shaped labels, which will cause products to stand-out on the shelf.

Compact, Desktop Size

The DLF-1100 features a compact, table-top design and measures 79cm x 56cm x 53cm and can fit into almost any setting.


Contour Cutting Capability: HPGL vector cutting compatible with opto-electrical line sensor
Operation Speed: Up to 10′ per min (3m per min)
Cutting Technology Plotter controlled drag knife


Web Width: 4″ – 8.5″ (100 mm – 220 mm)
Max. Frame Length: 14″ (35.5 cm) repeat
Max. Input Roll Diameter: 8″ (20 cm)
Max. Output Roll Diameter: 8″ (20 cm)
Recommended Roll Length: 500′ (153 m)


User Interface: LCD Panel Display, Additional Control from Windows Software
Vector Design Software Support Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw!
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC – 900 watts
Width Dimension: 31″ (790 mm)
Depth Dimension: 21″ (530 mm)
Height Dimension: 22″ (560 mm)
Weight: 185 lbs (85 kg)

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