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Product Title

RSC Series

Inspection cutting / winding machine


The ROTOCONTROL RSC series is economical, compact and very efficient.

Cartridge cutting systems, vertical inspection panel, automated web edge control, S-Drive servo drive, memory and operator-optimized input and control features enable longer production times and shorter machine setup times.

Included standard options

  • Servo motor control on unwinding, tension station and rewind
  • S-Drive user-friendly 12 “touch screen
  • Standard web widths: 340, 440, 540 mm
  • separate operator console easily transportable for individual placement
  • S-Drive operating software incl. Job memory
  • S-Drive current feedback – automatic voltage control on winding and unwinding
  • controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • Max. Machine speed: 320m per minute (may vary by material)
  • Ultrasound web edge control
  • automatic stop at the end of the roll
  • Winding capacity for single rewind: 500 mm
  • Unwinding capacity: 800 mm
  • automatic inside / outside winding

Additonal options

  •  complete film package included: dual rewind
  • automatic web clamp with integrated lay-up rollers
  • Adhesive tape and splice detector with splice table placement
  • Shavers and razor cartridges
  • Missing label detector infrared or ultrasound

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