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The ultimate solution for short-runs of high-quality labels. Entirely servo-driven system with fully integrated digital controls offers remarkable cost-efficiency.

For use in:

・Food and beverage labels

・Cosmetic labels

・Wine labels

・Other labels in general

The MLP features a automated make-ready control system and repeat data management which offer dramatic reduction of material wastage and less down time. It boasts the largest in class repeat length of 355.6mm allowing 3 times the productivity of a conventional semi-rotatory machines. Refined ink train with 4 foam rollers deliver consistent ink film on the plate surface, achieving high-quality printing with minimised colour variation.

The servo driven in feed out feed system offers greater accuracy and consistent colour to colour register even after repeated slowing down and speeding up. A one size blanket can be used for all repeat lengths, eradicating the need to exchange the blanket job by job. The electronic ink-key remote control system mean fasted colour adjustment. The MLP is also compatible with a range of substrate including clear on clear films.

Max. Paper Width 350.0 mm (13.8”) 420.00mm ( 16,5”) 342.9mm (13.5”)
Max. Printing Width 330.0 mm (13.0”) 406.4 mm ( 16”) 330.0mm (13”)
Repeat Length 127.0 mm – 355.6 mm
(215.9mm – 406.4 mm optional)
76.2 mm ~ 254.0 mm
Max. Machine Speed 200 impressions/min
(71.1 m -long. rep.- 355.6 mm)
(81,2 m -long. rep.- 406.4mm)
250, 300 impressions/min optional
120 impressions/min.
(42.67m/min. -long. rep.- 355.6mm)
MLP-E max. 120 impressions / min
Substrate Gram. 50 gsm – 300 gsm
Substrate Thickness 70 micron- 300 micron
**The printing speed is conditioned to the format, weight, substrate conditions, the generals of printing and optionals equipments.*** The printing speed of the quotations and the agreement are mechanical speed.

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