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HVP (High Volume Process)

HVP Engraving means an increased print latitude.

The HVP Engraving was designed by Sandon Global after eighteen months research and development. Its elongated cell design allows the combination of high line counts with high volumes, the result being HVP engravings far increase the print latitude of one anilox in comparison to conventional specifications. The HVP engraving allows Sandon Global customers to combine good solids and tonal areas on one plate. It does this by combining high line counts and high volume through its unique cell design. This is in comparison to conventional 60° engravings that are only capable of offering either a high volume or a high line count but not both, without compromising the crucial release characteristics of the anilox. The superior release means that pin-holing is reduced and a better lay down is achieved. These release characteristics also mean easier cleaning with less abrasion. 

The versatility of this engraving allows printing of; solids, mechanical tints, vignettes, fine line/text and clean reverse out print. This reduces anilox inventory and press downtime as less anilox changeovers are required as one anilox can now print so much more.

The other major benefits to this engraving style include:

  • Enhanced lay down – reducing pin-holing on solids in comparison to conventional 60°
  • Reduced backfill – making the cells easier to clean
  • Improved wear characteristics – allowing cells to maintain good cell ratios and maintain their release characteristics

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