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Maxteq is pleased to announce two new partnerships!

Maxteq is pleased to announce our new partnerships with Sandon Global and Tech Sleeves!

Tech Sleeves©

Maxteq would like to announce a new partnership with Tech Sleeves©.

Tech Sleeves offers more than 25 years of experience. Together Maxteq and Tech Sleeves offer you customized sleeve solutions. Tech Sleeve© offer light-weight, durable sleeves with reliable service and short delivery times.

Tech Sleeves uses quality Vinyl ester Resin and Dyneema and carbon to produce the ultimate Bridge and Plate Sleeves for the global flexographic industry.

With the use of woven fiberglass matting instead of roving fiberglass Tech Sleeves can guarantee a clean print are every time. So use Tech Sleeves, when precision counts.



Sandon Global


Sandon Global manufacture and refurbish anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders in their specialist engineering facility.

Sandon laser engrave ceramic with four state of the art high definition thermal optic lasers in order to produce anilox in the flexographic industry, gravure cylinders and coating roll for offset and flexo downstream units. Sandon also provide a wide range of products to enable customers to properly care for their anilox.

Sandon Global have based their ever growing business on three main principles; consistency, innovation and printing partnerships.

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