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Happy Holidays! Our year in review.

It’s the holidays!

When I look back on this year, I have no idea where the year has gone. We all say it, but honestly, this year has escaped us. One second, we were having our conference laying out our plans for the year, the next we were all sitting around, taking what felt like the biggest breath in a long time, at our Christmas party reflecting on the year gone by.

We reflected on this year with a lot of joy, and an enormous sense of achievement. There are still some frustrations, things that didn’t go the way we expected them to, goals we’re yet to reach, relationships that didn’t work the way we wanted them to. Each time something went wrong, was a time for us to step back, and ask “why?”. So, in turn, we’ve learnt a lot this year. About the business. About the way we operate and what we need to change or improve, to expand and change and meet demands the way we’d like to.

We’ve learnt a lot about the kind of business we’d like to be, and the kind of people we’d like to work with and the kind of team we’d like to build. The good news is, so far so good. Maxteq is in a privileged position to have a solid team of brilliant staff. Staff that believe in the business and where we’re going and as we welcome new staff into this Maxteq family, our sense of community within this business grows

Our relationship with our suppliers is one of constant teaching, and knowledge and learning, as well as support. The loyalty from our customers has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Our customers have been instrumental in teaching us what we need to do to stay relevant, focused and attuned to their needs. Every piece of feedback has been listened to and taken on board. We appreciate the relationships with our customers as well as the feedback, and the patience while we learn and grow.

Maxteq has been through a lot of changes this year, one being moving offices. For years, Maxteq has been a small staff operation, Andrew and Olga at the helm for most part, but as more staff came on board, the less elbow room everyone had. Imagine, all the staff in the office, everyone ending up sprawled out over a large table. It wasn’t working. It was time to move. Maxteq, a company that was once a thought 5 years ago in Andrew and Olgas mind, was finally getting its own space in the world.  The move came with a great set up next to our technical team, AGS. A very handy neighbour to have.

The team up with AGS was a new addition this year. It’s allowed us to support customers in ways we can’t. It’s been an easy transition from doing our own service work to being able to outsource this to a reliable, knowledgeable and friendly team.

A wonderful addition to our team has been Mike Brown. Mike heads up the New Zealand sales department and has been instrumental in supporting, assisting and gaining new customers across the ditch. His calm and happy approach to life, and knowledge of the industry has driven Maxteq New Zealand and given our customers across the ditch an accessibility to a Maxteq staff member that they’ve previously been unable to gain.
Our Business manager for both Australia and NZ Nick has worked relentlessly and tirelessly every single week building this grassroots business. A highlight has been his work with BSTeltromat, where once again, new and solid relationships have been formed with this brilliant supplier. Nick has been instrumental in moving this business forward and into a whole new playing field.
As they’ve done every year, Andrew and Olga have been living and breathing his company while supporting all of use staff through a big year. Their energy and love for this company and this industry is what keeps all of us on our toes and motivated.

On a personal level, Maxteq has always been a company that believe in giving back. To this end, this year has seen our highest donation rate to our chosen charity, Backpack Beds – Swags for Homeless. These beds were created for people with nowhere to go or sleep and have very few possessions. These swags mean people can carry, store and sleep with dignity. The swags included a bed, pockets, and secret lockable pocket, a foil blanket, they are waterproof, windproof and mould resistant. In Maxteq’ s time we have given over 24 of these swags out, and 14 of these were this year. We’re so grateful that we can be able to give back to our community.

Looking forward, we at Maxteq are excited for the new year. There’s so much brilliant technology coming through now that we’re excited to share with you. I know Andrew has a few technologies he’s excited to share with our customers. So, make sure you watch this space!
It’s a big world out there, of constant and ever-changing technology and we’ll be bringing what we can to our table to support our businesses through the new changes in the printing world.

So, to our suppliers, customers, our team, our industry, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and whatever you do or don’t celebrate we hope this coming holiday season greets you with love, laughter, safety and a (possibly) wee tipple and a brilliant new year.


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